Антимонов Михаил Юрьевич
кандидат исторических наук,
Тамбовский филиал Российской академии народного хозяйства
и государственной службы при Президенте Российской Федерации,
г. Тамбов, Россия
Antimonov Mikhail Yu.
Ph.D. in History
Tambov branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of
National Economy and Public Administration
Tambov, Russia
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Аннотация: В работе рассматриваются аспекты регионального жилищного строительства на современном этапе развития государства. 
Ключевые слова: социальная политика, жилищное строительство, ипотечное кредитование, переселение граждан из аварийного жилищного фонда.
Abstract: The paper considers aspects of regional housing on the contemporary stage of the state development.
Key words: social policy, housing, mortgaging, rehousing from failing housing stock.

The socio-political and economic basis of the Russian Federation was laid 20 years ago with the adoption of the Constitution. Social principles were at the foundation of the new state. Thus, the Russian Federation has the right to establish the principles of federal policy and federal programs in the field of social development (the RF Constitution, Art. 71, paragraph 'e'). [1]
Social policy of the Russian Federation aimed at protection of people’s labour and health, guaranty of minimum salary, provision of government support for families, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood, disabled and aged citizens. Besides, they develop the system of social services and establish government pensions, allowances and other guarantees of social policy (Art. 7). The social guarantees are defined in detail in Articles 37-43 of Chapter II of the Constitution of the Russian Federation "Rights and Freedoms of Man and Citizen."
Regional social policy can be configured and implemented in the regions of Russia only on the basis of coordination of social and economic policy of the Russian state and the subject of the Russian Federation. Thus, the items "e" and "g" of Article 72 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation suggest that the general issues of upbringing, education, science, culture, physical culture and sports, as well as the coordination of health issues, protection of the family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood, including social security are in the joint jurisdiction of the Russian Federation and its subjects.
Social policy in Tambov region is carried out through the implementation of national projects aimed at improvement of living standards.
One of such projects – "Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Russian citizens." The implementation of this project in Tambov region is under constant control of the regional administration and investment management.
As part of the program "House Building" in 2012 there were introduced 633.1 thousands of square meters of housing, which is 104.9% to 2011.
The largest volume of house building, taking into account the growth rate of housing construction is seen in Tambov and Rasskazovo towns, Petrovsky, Rasskazovsky, Sosnovskoye and Tambov regions.
The percent of families who have the opportunity to purchase accommodation that meets the standards for living space, with the help of their own or borrowed money increased from 19.3 to 22.1% in the whole region. The percent of low-rise accommodation was 72.0%, the percent of economy standard accommodation was 45%.
To attract financial resources from the federal budget in accordance with the sub-program "Integrated Development and Development of Areas for Housing" of the regional target program "Stimulation of housing development in Tambov region for 2011-2015" Tambov region took part in the competition that was held by the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation.
The agreement № 225, which concerns providing subsidies from the federal budget to the budget of Tambov region for housing development in 2012 as part of the subprogram "Stimulation of programs of housing development in the Russian Federation subjects as part of the federal targeted program "Housing" for 2011-2015 was signed in September 7, 2012. The agreement provides subsidy in the amount of 680488.060 thousands of rub.
The construction of kindergartens in the neighborhoods "Moscovskiy" and "Uyutnyi", general utilities in the neighborhood "Moscovskiy", roads in the neighborhood "Severnyi" in Tambov, in the neighborhood "Gvardeyskiy" in .Rasskazovo and reconstruction of the road along the street Michurinskaya in Tambov were held as part of this subprogram with the help of federal funds. The expenses involved in payment for interest on credit were compensated to two legal entities that sent loan funds for the construction of engineering infrastructure for housing in the neighborhood "Uyutnyi" and modernization of concrete articles production in Bokinskiy plant of building constructions.
Another aspect of the project "Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Russian citizens" is "Rehousing people from old and dilapidated housing stock." Pursuant to the Federal Law of 21.07.2007 № 185-FL "On the Fund of Assistance to Housing and Communal Services Reforming" the following programs were developed and approved:
– regional targeted program of citizens rehousing from failing housing stock, located in Tambov region, taking into account the need to develop low-rise construction in 2011-2012 (№ 377 of 15.04.2011);
– regional targeted program of citizens rehousing from failing housing stock, located in Tambov region, taking into account the need to develop low-rise construction in 2011-2012 (№1722 of 09.12.2011);
– regional targeted program of citizens rehousing from failing housing stock, located in Tambov region in 2012 (II stage) (№565 of 09.12.2011);
– regional targeted program of citizens rehousing from failing housing stock, located in Tambov region in 2012 (№63 of 26.01.2012).
These programs involved the rehousing of 1411 people in 2012. But the major new housing supply instead of old and dilapidated housing stock deferred to 2013. 300 sq. m. of housing were planned and introduced in 2012. 762 people were rehoused from old and failing housing stock in the same year. And they brought an action against 150 people for forced rehousing.
The above-mentioned acts of the regional administration changed the planned index of funding from the consolidated budget of Tambov region aimed at building for people rehousing out of failing housing stock, which is equal to 96570,231 thousand rub. As a result of the auctions the value of the signed municipal contracts for the purchase of apartments was less than the program had planned – 94935.695 thousand rub. In connection with that the cost of the apartments decreased and accordingly there occurred an opportunity to cut down expenses.
Besides, the system of mortgage lending still operate in the region. The mortgage market is represented by branches and agencies of well-known banks, including Sberbank of Russia, VTB-24 and Rosbank. In addition, mortgage loans can be received in "Tambov Region AHML" and "Homebuilding Corporate "Building Together ".
In 2012, all credit organizations of the region issued 3,020 mortgage loans for a total amount of $ 2 617.6 million rub. The average interest rate on the loans was 11.9%.
Simultaneously, the provision of housing for young families take place in the region. Following the results of 2012, 233 families received social benefits to improve their living conditions. The total amount was 109 084 million rub., among them 37 393 million rub. were from the federal budget, 58 172 million rub. were from the regional budget and 13 519 million rub. were from the local budgets. Due to the fact that additional federal funds were received in December 2012, and the certificate for the right to receive social benefits are valid for 9 months, the additional funds will be realized in 2013.
In 2012, 1345 families spent the maternity fund on payment for housing loans totaling $ 493,785 million rub.
The housing policy concerning certain categories of citizens also takes place in the region. In 2012, the region issued 74 certificates in the amount of 106.8 million rub., including:
- 41 certificates in the amount of 59.49 million rub. were issued to the category "citizens - participants of liquidation of consequences of radiation accidents and catastrophes, suffered as a result of these accidents, and related persons".
- 32 certificates in the amount of 46.32 million rub. were issued to the category "citizens recognized in the prescribed manner as internally displaced persons".
- 1 certificate in the amount of 0.99 million. rub. was issued to the category "citizens leaving (left) regions from the Far North and equated localities".
In order to provide the state support for the World War II veterans the federal budget devoted funds in the amount of 837.22 million rub. 952 World War II veterans received the social welfare payment for improved housing in 2012.
In 2012, the amount of finance from the federal budget meant for housing of disabled people and families with disabled children, war veterans was 12,543 million rub. 29 people of this category received social welfare payment.
In the 10-th State of the Nation of 12 December 2013 the President of the RF referred to the program of affordable housing for families with an average income. V.V. Putin emphasized that housing policy should become one of determinatives in the demographic development. According to him, the government had already identified approaches to the implementation of the program for building affordable housing. According to the program, before the end of 2017 it is planned to build at least 25 million of additional sq. meters for housing so that families with average incomes could improve their living conditions. The President proposed to call this program "Housing for Russian families" in order to focus attention on this issue. "In the whole country by 2016 it is necessary to build 75 million square meters of housing, which is higher than the record of 1987. Then 72.8 million square meters were built. [2]
V.V. Putin emphasized that modern technologies allow to build a lot of housing, which is relatively inexpensive and of high quality. While it is necessary to solve some problems.
First of all, it is necessary to adopt all changes in the legislation that will unblock the process of granting land plots for development; to do this in the coming months. In this case, the local authorities will be required to put all available building plots for auction by transparent and clear mechanisms. At the same time the developer’s responsibility should increase, i.e. if he got the decision, but did not start to build on time he must give back the land.
The next barrier that keeps back the building process, as the president emphasized, is shortage of funds for providing land plots with engineering infrastructure. We need to create special tools to solve this problem, to determine financial sources and organizational form.
And finally, it is necessary to bring order to the licensing procedures. They are still not unified. It is necessary to establish a single complete list of approvals for construction and ultimately reduce time spent on necessary procedures.
Thus, the policy of the federal center and Tambov region in the field of housing has clear social orientation. In practice, they follow the basic social norms of the state policy, set in the basic law of the Russian Federation – the Constitution. They create conditions to provide various social benefits for the destitute. They develop and implement social programs at the local level to provide affordable and comfortable housing for Russian citizens.


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