Publishing ethics
Editorial Board of the journal "Contemporary Society and Government" adheres to internationally accepted principles of publishing ethics, as reflected in particular in the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors) of scientific publications. Publishing ethics standards are mandatory for all authors of the journal "Contemporary Society and Government". In case of violation of these standards the paper is rejected.
While directing an article for publication in the journal of "Contemporary Society and Government", the authors ensure that:
- Original paper is copyrighted material;
- All potential conflicts of interest related to copyright and publishing articles are settled;
- Article or part of it there of is not offered and will not be offered for consideration in other journals as long as the question of its publication in the journal "Contemporary Society and Government" is not solved.
When using materials from the previously published articles authors should be guided by the following principles. It is prohibited:
- Verbatim copying or paraphrasing another person's work without attribution links to the source and use of quotation marks (in the case of citation). The total volume of citations of other authors should not exceed 10% of the article (verified by the Anti-plagiarism program);
- Using elements of the product of another person without attribution (e.g., figures, tables). The reference to the source in such case is obligatory;
- Auto-plagiarism. If the elements of the proposed revision of the material are previously published in another author's paper, the authors are obliged to refer to the earlier work and trace its logical connection with the results of proposed study and the findings presented in previous works.