Editorial Board
The electronic scientific journal "Contemporary Society and Government" is designed for professionals in the field of state and municipal government, history, philosophy, sociology, political science, law, economics, management, as well as teachers and students.
Frequency: 4 times per year.
Editor in Chief - Avrekh Alexander L., PhD in History, Prof
Deputy Editor in Chief - Klyukin Andrey I., PhD in History
Scientific Editor - Semyaninov Vladimir P., Doctor in History, Prof
Technical Editor - Antimonov Mikhail Yu., PhD in History, Ass. Prof 
Location Address: Chicherin str. 58, flat № 71, Tambov, Russian Federation, 392027
Founder: Klyukin Andrey I.
Publisher: Klyukin Andrey I.
The Members of the Editorial Board
Bezgin Vladimir B. – Doctor in History, Prof
Trifonov Yuri N. - PhD in Philosophy
Uskov Vladimir A. - PhD in History
Editorial board regulations
1: General provisions
1.1. This regulations define the organization and content requirements for the electronic scientific edition "Contemporary Society and Government" (hereinafter - the Journal) freely distributed over the Internet. 
1.2. The founder and publisher of the Journal is Klyukin Andrey I., hereinafter - the Founder. 
1.3. The publisher of the Journal, in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, has the exclusive right to use it in any form or by any means. 
1.4. The editorial board of the Journal (hereinafter - the Editorial Board) carries out all the work on the production of the Journal. 
1.5. The Editorial Board is not a legal entity. 
1.6. Financing of the Editorial Board function is effected by the Founder. 
1.7. Publication of articles in the Journal does not involve any financial payments to the authors of these articles, the Editor in Chief, the Founder and other persons. 
1.8. The fee for the publication of articles in the Journal is not charged.
1.9. Reorganization or close-down of the Journal are realized according to the decision of the Founder or by an effective court decision. 
1.10. The right to the name of the Journal belongs to the Founder. 
1.11. In case of a change of the Founder the Journal continues its activities after the re-registration in accordance with the law. At that, the right to the name of the Journal is transmitted to the next founders. 
1.12. In case of close-down of the Journal all the rights and obligations, set forth in this regulations, as well as all other provisions of this regulations, are held invalid.
2. The Name and Address of the Editorial Office
2.1. The full official name of the Editorial Office - The Editorial Board of the Electronic Scientific Journal "Contemporary Society and Government." 
2.2. Location Address: 392027, Russian Federation, Tambov, Chicherin str. 58, flat № 71. 
3 The purpose and objectives of the Journal
3.1. The purpose of the Journal: creating a professional platform to discuss issues of state, municipal government, development of civil society and interaction between the state and society. 
3.2. The main objectives of the Journal are: a comprehensive analysis of various aspects of state and municipal government in Russia, CIS countries and other foreign countries; identifying interdependencies between different socio-economic phenomena and special policy and management objectives, decisions and actions in today's society; studying the problems of civil society institutions formation. 
4 Requirements for the content of the Journal and the order of its distribution
4.1. The Journal publishes theoretical and applied articles representing the results of completed studies that have novelty and may be interesting for a wide range of readers.
4.2. The materials contained in the Electronic Journal are considered to be published. They are subjects of copyright. 
4.3. Materials presented in the Journal are published in two languages - Russian and English. 
4.4. The Journal is open to general use and free of charge (the publication of articles in the Journal is free for the authors, and the access to the journal is free for users). The access must be maintained at any time via a standard web browser and the protocol used by most Internet users. 
4.5. The Journal has an electronic address: http://gmanagement.ru. The organization of electronic references (pointers) to the Journal is allowed as agreed in information servers of academic institutions and others. 
4.6. The frequency of publication is four issues per year.
5 The founder of the Journal
5.1. Approves the Editorial Board regulations.
5.2. Appoints and dismisses the Chief Editor. 
5.3. Exercise control over the activities of the Editorial Board for observing the dispositions of the Russian Federation statute and the present Regulations. 
5.4. Acts as a representative of the owner of the Editorial Office property.
5.5. Can transfer his rights and obligations to the third party.
6. The Chief Editor of the Journal
6.1. Provides overall guidance of the Editorial Board. 
6.2. Appoints and dismisses the editorial staff. 
6.3. Responsible for the content of the Journal, its scientific level, meeting the requirements of this Regulations and the current legislation of the Russian Federation. 
6.4. Presents the Editorial Board in relationships with individuals and juridical people, public authorities, as well as in the court. 
6.5. Makes a decision about the possibility of publishing papers in the Journal. 
6.6. Has the right to reject an article. 
6.7. May also have other rights given him by the Founder.
7. The Editorial Board
7.1. The authorities of the editorial staff are determined by the Federal Law "On mass media" and other laws and regulations that govern the rights and responsibilities of journalists. 
7.2. The Editorial Board carries out its work on a voluntary non-profit basis. 
7.3. The Editorial Board carries out all the processes of electronic publishing: the registration and storage of incoming articles, their electronic typesetting, proofreading and quality control. 
7.4. In the process of work, the Editorial Board is guided by decisions of the Founder and the Chief Editor, as well as the present Regulations. 
7.5. Logistical support of the Editorial office and editing and publishing operations are provided by the Founder. 
The founder of the electronic journal "Contemporary society and government" A.I. Klyukin "08" June 2014